Sister Sledge
19 May, 2017

Sister Sledge

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Concert Review, Sister Sledge in Kaufleuten

Zurich May 19, 2017

Author Nualan O’Brien

Top Five Facts on Sister Sledge

  • Sister Sledge was a key contributor to the 70’s / 80’s Disco era with dance-floor hits including: “We are Family,” “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” and “Frankie”.
  • The grammy-award-winners have performed for the Pope in 2015; and at the White House for former US President, and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton.
  • Yes, they are indeed sisters. They were originally four sisters in the group: Debbie, Joni, Kim and Kathy Sledge.
  • Currently two of the four are on tour: Kim and Debbie Sledge. They are joined by a third singer.
  • One of the four sisters, Joni Sledge sadly died this year (2017) aged 60. She is survived by her son, Thaddeus Everett Whyte IV, who is also on tour.

Friends often ask: why do you love live music so much? Apart from my love of music, it is my love of surprise. Surprises I like of course. And I have never, ever seen so many grown men groove like they did to these ladies. There was more than one man thinking: He’s the Greatest Dancer* And if there had been a competition to choose the best man-dance, it would have been a hard call.

If you were to ask most women what they would like from their partners, after the predictable: “If only he would do more housework,” it would probably be: “I wish he would go dancing more.” Interestingly, the men who were Lost in Music* were a mixed bag: some were early thirties, others in their forties and one or two mega-groovers were definitely of retirement age.

In fact, for some gentlemen, simply grooving to the tunes was not enough, several jumped on stage at the end to take selfies with the sisters.

In terms of the music, Sister Sledge have written catchy heart-warming tunes that endure. Kaufleuten is a big venue and it was “ausverkauft” (sold out).

Worth mentioning is the impressive musicians they had on tour: two great guitarists and some guy playing an instrument that could only be described as: “an electric oboe on speed”.

Sister Sledge have great energy and stage presence. And this vitality is all the more impressive, as they sadly lost a sister this year. Debbie Sledge dedicated one song to the late Joni, describing her as “all love.” Joni’s son, Thaddeus the Fourth, sang the ballad. It was a beautiful thing to watch – the sisters and him – concentrate their feelings for their late sister Joni, in the medium she loved so much – music.

Joni, May she Rest in Peace.

*All of these are Sister Sledge songs. Listen on Youtube:

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Link:  Sister Sledge


Concert Promoter: All Blues Konzert AG


Concert Venue:  Kaufleuten





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