Zurich Film Festival

Date : 26/09/2013 - 06/10/2013
Time : All Day
Cost : From 20 CHF

Zurich Film Festival is one of the cultural highlights of the year: 120 films, nearly 60,000 visitors and 500 journalists visit this event. This is also a competition festival so it gives up-and-coming but not so well-known-directors to grab a breath of some all important “profile” air that is the oxygen of every director’s career.

This year, the aesthetically pleasing Ozzie Hugh Jackman (our “personality of the season”)  will receive a Golden icon award. He is a bit of a hero on and off screen, and is involved in all sorts of charity works.  People  magazine voted “sexiest man alive”. Read more about him here.

The films in the competition have the director and oftentimes and actor at one of the screenings. I don’t know about you, but I find that rather exciting. Last year, I got to meet some film directors. How cool was that, including the director of my favourite festival film, “In a Bedroom“,which was made by a young Polish director Tomasz Wasilewski.

This impressive twenty-something got the whole show on the road for zero budget. Yes you read correct, the whole cast and crew guys worked for free. Actors including the luminescent Katarzyna Herman, a famous Polish actress. (I guess Mr. Wasilewsk must have been reading “The Secret”! Let’s hope somebody provided a free tuna sandwich or two.

The whole world of film or “movie making” seems so remote, so Hollywood, so far away, that to have a real live director and/or a leading actor in the room chatting about his latest oeuvre really made the festival something special for me. The interviews were very relaxed, entertaining and natural (did not seem scripted).

While most of the films are in German, some are in French and nearly all have English subtitles.

2013 will the festival’s 9th year. Last year a few big names graced the festivals, like Oliver Stone (of “Born of the 4th of July” Fame), Richard Gere, John Travolta, Susan Sarandon.

English friendly?
The site is 100% in English (yeah!). The site also includes trailers so you get a sneak preview before you buy your tickets.

More information about the festival for 2013 is online.

Location. Flims are hosted in a few locations, some in Stadelhofen by Zurich lake others dotted in cinemas around the city.

Tickets: online.
Photo Credits: Zurich Film Festival

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