About Us

Zurich-Events.com is an events site dedicated to English speakers in Zurich who are interested in cultural, art, culinary or music events in Zurich.


Zurich-Events.com is a free service to events of mainstream interest. More niche events can be advertised on Zurich-Events.com for a fee, starting from 100 CHF per entry.

Why Zurich-Events.com?

Once upon a time a woman who moved to Zurich, Switzerland.

She soon discovered that Zurich was also the cultural capital of Switzerland. While she was exploring the exciting events the city had to offer, she could not help but notice that notice that:

  • While most of these Zurich events and happenings were generally very accessible to English only speakers
  • Many of these events were often only advertised in German.

Alas! It seemed that many Expats and non German-speakers were missing out on these fabulous cultural events.

So she set up Zurich-Events.com and soon her and her friends lived happily ever after.


Founded by Nualan O’Brien from Dublin, Ireland.  She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and moved to Zurich in January 2012. During the day she manages French and German social media channels, write press releases and generally has a fun time creating online content, that is optimised for the reader and the search engines.

At night she reviews cultural events and happenings in Zurich.  More of her articles can be read in the “contributor” section on her Google + profile.